The Cross-border eCommerce (Haitao) Opportunity in China surveyed over 100 international retailers with over $50 million annual sales, and 1,000 Chinese Haitao shoppers to dive into topics such as China strategy, capability gaps and consumer behavior. 

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The opportunity you can't miss

China is now the world's largest online shopping market, driven by rising levels of personal wealth and high Internet connectivity. We believe Chinese consumers are on track to spend over US$1 trillion online in 2018.

For international retailers who want to capitalize on China's booming retail market, e-commerce has now become a primary strategic focus.

Insight into cross-border e-commerce consumers

Frost & Sullivan undertook consumer research with a sample of 1,000 individuals in China who regularly shop online cross-border to learn about their shopping pattern, behavior, preferences for e-commerce platforms, and influencers.

Learn how retailers are tackling the market

We surveyed 100 international retailers with annual sales over 50 million USD and learned about their current strategies as well as the challenges they face.

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